Between the gloom an hour of sunshine

22 January 2023

The long nights and short days can take its toll on the best of us which during the month of January, can seem to go on forever. The good news is February is just around the corner and you know what that means, Spring will follow.

January has been a difficult month for my fell walking during which the one weekend I worked also happened to be the brightest. As frustrating as the month continues there's nothing like steeling whatever sunshine you can even its just on a local dog walk.

Ascent: N/A
Wainwrights: N/A
Visiting: N/A
Weather: Rain & Drizzle For Much Of The Day But The Last Hour The Sun Came Out Highs of 4°C Lows of 3°C
Parking: N/A
Area: Wigan Flashes
Miles: 2.6
Walking With: Brad & Holly Dog
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: 1 Hour
Route: N/A

Map and Photo Gallery

Reed Beds, Wigan Flashes 15:40pm 3°C
It had rained all day and if you'd of told me three hours ago the skies were going to clear for the last hour of the day I wouldnt have believed you but clear they did. With that I grabbed the dog leads, wrapped up and treated Brad & Holly to a two and half mile late afternoon dog walk.

What a great time to be out.
Its fair to say that the weather has affected my fell walking this January so much so I've only managed one walk on the Lakeland fells the rest of the time I was either working or it was blowing a gale or lashing it down.

Moss Bridge spanning the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.
I do have plans to start a project on my local area with past and present photo's as its steeped in industrial history where I live so watch this space.

Tow path between Moss Bridge and Bottom Lock, Wigan.
The tow path was paved some years ago now by would you believe, those serving community service. What a great way to put something back into the community I only wish more local tow paths were like this.

Looking back towards Moss Bridge.
Its not very often you see a narrow boat moored up at this time of year.

Continuing along the tow path.
With Scotman's flash coming into view over on the left which is the result of mining subsidence dating back to 1902

On't other side of the canal is Pearson's Flash.
Pearson's Flash along with Scotman's Flash are just two of seven lakes which span an area of 620 acres. The raised woodland you see over on the right is the resulting slag heaps where Ince Moss Colliery once stood which will be part of my past and present project when it eventually takes off.

Sunset over Scotman's Flash.
And lovely and calm it was too.

Sunset Scotman's Flash.

Sunset Scotman's Flash.
When I left home this afternoon I had no idea that this dog walk would end up on the website but after a weeks of spending time in the office and off the Lakeland fells grabbing the last of the days sunshine seem to mean that but more to me than it normally would. I hope you enjoyed this local dog walk as much as I did.


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