Rivington Pike, Winter Hill & Two Lads

28th December 2020

I had very kindly been invited to join Karl Holden aka Karlswalks.co.uk on a round of Anglezarke Moor after agreeing to meet in Belmont at 9:00am, trouble was here in the north west snow had fallen overnight which was a tad concerning, more concerning was the Mercedes Sprinter van which was struggling to get up a slight incline at the top of my street, in the end the driver had to wait for help thus blocking the whole street off. I text Karl to give him the bad news and five minutes after I was sulking like a good un.

After checking the forecast and, once the van had been pushed aside I left home around 10.30am and arrived at Georges Lane on the outskirts of Horwich at 11:10am. I didn't really have a plan which route to take I just kinda made it up as I went along, plus, today was going to be my last walk of 2020. The weather triumphed for much of my walk and I drove home feeling the same as if I'd walked a round of the Langdales on a crisp Winters day.


Ascent: 815 Feet 249 Metres
Summits: 3, Rivington Pike - Winter Hill - Two Lads
Weather: A Bright Start Turning Overcast With 2-3 Inches of Soft Snow Underfoot, Light Winds. Highs of 2°C Lows of 0°C
Parking: Georges Lane, Horwich
Area: West Pennine Moors
Miles: 5.8
Walking With: On My Own
Ordnance Survey: Explorer 287
Time Taken: Hours Minutes
Route: Georges Lane - Wilderswood - Pike Cottage - Rivington Pike - Rivington Moor - Rotary Way - Transmitter Station - Winter Hill - Transmitter Station - Rotary Way - Two Lads - Rotary Way - Georges Lane

Parking Details and Map
Nearest Post Code: BL6 6RS
Grid Reference: SD 658 117


Map and Photo Gallery


Looking back on Montcliffe from Georges Lane 11:15am 2°C

Georges Lane is close to a mile long and normally I'd park as close to Wilderswood as I could but it looks like the snow has drawn everyone and their bob sleds out forcing me to walk the length of the lane which was no hardship especially when the views are as good as this. Despite the temperature hovering just over freezing it feels mild in the morning sunshine but I kit up in full Winter gear including gaiters for the boggy section over Rivington Moor. With my car locked I joined the masses and walked the length of the lane while trying to get ahead of the groups.

Cars continued to drive up and down the lane looking for somewhere to park and once they couldn't they'd return against more cars heading in the same direction, it was chaotic to say the least but the further I walked the less crowded it became.

Ponies with Wilderswood in the distance.
Who got thier fair share of petting from the children as they walked past.

Winter Hill Transmitter Mast from Pike Cottage.
Crickey just look at those blue skies, I'm hoping the lingering cloud over Winter Hill might clear but with little to no wind my chances are slim.

Rivington Pike from Pike Cottage.
Children made use of slope they could find sliding down on their sleds which looked like great fun.

Pike Cottage.
While mums and dads queued for hot drinks at the cafe.

Looking back at Wilderswood from Pike Cottage.
Flipping fantastic.

Ascending Rivington Pike.
I left the path and joined the masses on Rivington Pike, I'm kinda used to the summit being so busy where instead of the wind I could hear constant chatter which is great if your a nosey sod like me,

Rivington Pike summit.
The summit is looking quite busy now but it's nothing compared to how busy it will get in about an hours time when I spotted it from Two Lads summit where it looked like there was space for standing room only.

Looking back on Rivington Pike from Rivington Moor.
I left the crowds behind and picked up the footpath bound for Winter Hill. The path is just over a mile long covering just 350ft of ascent but the bogs made it feel much longer made difficult today by the fresh snow covering the bog below.

Winter Hill Transmitter Mast comes into view from Rivington Moor.
I'm not sure how but I managed to overtake these three gents who I could only look on and admire in their wellies, what a bloody good idea.

Looking back on Rivington Moor.
With the three gents on the right seen with two fell runners who had just descended from the direction of Winter Hill.

Mast support cables come into view.
I arrived at the Transmitter Mast feeling pleased that I had Rivington Moor behind which probably saw me walk double that if I included the detours around the boggy bits which at one point I almost lost a boot! I ascended into cloud but felt safe in the knowledge that the top of the transmitter mast was probably poking out into the bluest of skies.

Heading towards Winter Hill summit via Rotary Way.
Winter Hill by name Winter Hill by nature today.

Winter Hill summit Trig Point.
After passing a few groups who had just left the summit I shared the summit with one other guy who had followed me up from Rotary Way. We shared a few mumblings before departing but before I head back I de-shoulder to fasten my walking poles to my pack.

Winter Hill Transmitter Mast.
While passing the transmitter station the cloud cleared for a few moments revealing the transmitter, it was one of those moments when everyone stopped to get their mobiles or cameras out.

Winter Hill Transmitter Mast.
It looks like the cloud might be clearing above Winter Hill.

Rotary Way.
But sadly not in the direction I'm walking.

Two Lads summit cairns.
With the cloud clearing over my shoulder I broke away from Rotary Way and tramped my way over swollen ground towards Two Lads summit finding I had the summit to myself for a few minutes, it was right about now the skies started to clear revealing rays of sunshine.

Winter Hill and the Transmitter Mast from Two Lads summit.
If you look closely you can see Rotary Way curving away towards the right.

Wilder's Moor from Two Lads summit.
I rejoin Rotary Way seen here along the stone wall in the left of the photo.

Rivington Pike from Two Lads.
The dark area around the summit are the crowds of people I mentioned earlier.

That's wrapped up 2020

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't suffered mentally this year, we lost a dear family member to Covid-19 and I watched the virus cripple my wife and daughter for 3 weeks with what the doctors prescribed as long Covid, a condition my wife wouldn't wish upon her worst enemy. I guess aside everything we have been through we still have our health and that's the most important thing along with being able to enjoy the outdoors whether it be on your local hills or the mountains of Lakeland. Great uncertainty surrounds 2021 but please remember this is temporary and we will be back.

Once again I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this website.
Happy New Year for 2021


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