An evening walk around Wigan Flashes

20th April 2020

After checking the forecast it looked like we were in for another bright day (Im really hoping this run of weather continues after lock down!) so instead of taking my usual exercise in the afternoon I thought I'd wait it out until the evening where I would hopefully enjoy some lovely evening sun light accompanied by a nice sunset.


Ascent: Moss Bridge had some steps
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: A Bright Evening But Feeling Brisk in the Wind. Highs of 15°C Lows of 14°C
Parking: N/A
Area: Wigan Flashes
Miles: 2.5
Walking With: Holly dog & Brad dog
Ordnance Survey: 276
Time Taken: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Route: Westwood Flash - Pearson's Flash - Moss Bridge - Bryn Flash - Ochre Flash - Moss Bridge - Scotsman's Flash

Map and Photo Gallery

Westwood Flash 6:30pm
As usual the first part of my walk takes me past one of my favourite lakes, Westwood Flash.

Peering over the Leeds and Liverpool canal towards Scotsman's Flash

This section of the Leeds and Liverpool canal has been a busy place since lock down began with more and more people choosing to take their exercise here most of whom are from the local community like myself. If you came here between 12pm and 4pm on some days you'd have thought the population of the north west was here which is one of the reasons why I choose to walk later today.

It's not unusual to find me here after dark during the Winter months when once or twice a week I'll adopt my head torch and treat Holly and Brad to a long walk after work. I'd normally pick a night when there's a full moon for the extra light it provides and usually at some point I'm passed by the odd jogger, it's quite a spooky feeling because your senses are telling you there's a werewolf lurking in the bushes when really it's just a squirrel!

Pearson's Flash.
After passing Westwood Flash just a hundred yards further Pearson's Flash is passed.

My Everest.
You may laugh but it's absolutely true, this small wooded lump on the shores of Turner's Flash is the nearest thing I have resembling a hill from my front door which stands at a staggering 140 ft ABSL. At some point I may include its challenging ascent in a future walk report.

I divert off the canal tow path.
So I can let Holly and Brad off their leads, I'll soon be picking the towpath back up which runs adjacent to these woods.

The Leeds and Liverpool canal from Moss Bridge.
I'll be following the canal for just under half a mile by using the path seen over on the right.

It's quiet so I leave Holly and Brad off their leads for now.
Brad is really well behaved when he's off his lead but Holly can get spooked by bicycles but seeing as it's quiet I'll leave her off her lead for a few minutes more.

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
Tonight I'm walking in the direction of Liverpool which from here is 35 miles away. The whole section of canal between Liverpool and Leeds is around 90 miles in length which is a popular challenge by bike during the Summer months but in by-gone times the canal was used to transport cotton from the huge cotton mills which lined the route to the docks at Liverpool where Lancashire cotton was shipped around the world.

The sun is too low now to penetrate through the trees along the tow path.
But it still leaves a nice light in the tops of the trees.

Bryn Flash is reached.
I of course have known about Bryn Flash but I never really discovered how nice it is until lock down began.

Bryn Flash.

Bryn is the last body of water on this side of the tow path which ends abruptly in about another one hundred yards or so and because of that not many people visit here with the exception of a few fishermen or bird watchers. There is a bench close by but I continue walking towards this small beach where I've spent many afternoons just sat here undisturbed.

I say undisturbed, what I actually mean is me trying to stop Holly from being so inquisitive while Brad prefers to keep his paws dry.

Bryn Flash sunset.
I really don't want to leave but with two more lakes to visit I'd better get my skates on before the sun goes down.


Bryn Flash.

I left Bryn Flash then skirted around its southern edge which I'd normally do by means of a prominent path, that was before Brad had other ideas and decided he wanted to explore a very narrow wooded path used by bird watchers between two bird hides. And here I was singing his praises earlier!

Heading through the woodland towards Ochre Flash.
Thankfuly back on track no thanks to Brad!

Ochre Flash.

Ochre Flash was the nearest lake to were I grew up and as kids we spent our school holidays boating or swimming here. Back then we didn't call it Ochre we only knew it as 'green waters' or 'greenies' as the water appeared to turn to a shade of green when it was cloudy which is most probably due to its reed content.

Note the Swan in the distance.

Holly is intrigued by the ducklings.
Holly thinks just about anything that moves is friendly and this includes dogs which are much bigger than her!

The Swan soon arrives and looks majestic in the evening sunlight.

Back on track.

NHS Rainbow stone left at the foot of a tree.
What a lovely gesture.

Back on the Leeds and Liverpool canal.
Soon after taking this photo I bumped into a old work colleague 'Peter' who I've known for nearly thirty years who was taking his golden Labrador pup for a walk after his last Black Lab died of old age "she's loopy Paul, no fear" Pete laughed, indeed Pete, but she's also bloody cute! Conversation soon turned to recent events and for the next fifteen minutes we put the world to rights before wishing each other to 'keep safe' and once all this is over we'll hopefully share a pint together.

Scotman's Flash sunset.
The main reason behind this evenings walk was to catch the setting over Scotman's Flash.

Scotman's Flash sunset.

Scotman's Flash sunset.
By now its 8:05pm and with just fifteen minutes to go that's the end of another day and hopefully one day closer to when we can return to our normal lives. In the meantime please stay safe and thank you for visiting Sharkey's Dream during these difficult times.



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