A Three Sisters circuit from home

15th April 2020

I go on about the tragic events that are happening around the globe and yet despite losing both a family member and a friend to Coronavirus I choose not too, it's simply not the time or the place.

My lock down began on March 20th and since then I've been keeping myself busy around the home and my daily excersise feels like a treat rather than a chore. I guess I am lucky living the edge of a LNR (Local Nature Reserve) where I've taken up running and have always used for my daily dog walks. I never planned to use any of todays images in a walk report after all the pictures that I'd taken today were from my mobile phone and I was pleased with how they turned out so I thought why not.

I set off from home today to take in the Three Sisters Recreational Area which is also home to the Three Sisters Race Track. It's a pretty flat route with hardly any ascent (which I'm actually missing!) but the views on a day like today more than made up for it. They say walking is good for the soul and with recent events todays walk proved it.


Ascent: 200 Feet - 61 Metres
Wainwrights: N/A
Weather: Dry, Warm & Sunny Highs of 19°C Lows of 18°C
Parking: N/A
Area: Wigan South
Miles: 7.5
Walking With: Holly dog & Brad dog
Ordnance Survey: 276
Time Taken: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Route: Westwood Flash - Pearson's Flash - Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Moss Bridge - Ochre Flash - Park House Farm - Bryn Gates Lane - Three Sisters Boating Lake - Three Sisters Race Circuit - Bryn Gates Lane - Park House Farm - Moss Bridge - Leeds & Liverpool Canal - Pearson's Flash - Westwood Flash

Map and Photo Gallery

Westwood Flash.

I live close to an area of wetland known as the Wigan Flashes (a group of lakes spread over nine square miles maintained and owned by Wildlife Trust) which are the result of mining substance creating open water, reed beds, fen, and rough grassland over the past forty years or so. This is Westwood Flash which is one of the smallest lakes but also one of my favourites.

It’s hard to believe that Wigan Flashes started life as a casualty of industry.

The instigator and the follower aka Brad and Holly.

If I'm honest I only thought about putting todays walk online when I was a couple of miles into the walk but I always have my mobile phone with me and I'm always taking snapshots like the one above from my daily walks. This photograph is of Brad seen right and Holly over on the left my two West Highland Whites who as you can see...do everything together.

Just in case you were wondering Brad and Holly are both seven years old but are not related having adopted Brad at two years old. Holly is a typical lap dog who is very close to me and Brad, well Brad can be a bit of a grumpy bugger which I actually love about him and his loyalty proceeds him.

Passing Park House Farm.
That's where we're heading over on the left, I can't be certain of the official name of the wooded hill which is known locally as Race Track Hill due to its prominent position over looking Three Sisters Race Track.

Fabulous views over the farmers field towards the housing estate where I grew up.
I feel very fortunate being able to say that all of this was my playground when I was a young boy.

Park House Farm.
Now derelict and in a state of disrepair. Back when I was a kid the farmer who owned this house was rather particular about kids playing in his fields and would often shoot salt pellets at us from his shotgun although he was pretty thoughtful always giving us a warning shot first!

Stunning views from a stunning day.

Race Track Hill from Bryn Gates Road.
Having left the Park House Farm access road we turned left and joined a public gravel road before crossing the Liverpool to Bury railway line.

Crossing the Liverpool to Bury railway line.

Continuing towards the line of trees.
Seen in the distance over on the right which is where I'll enter Three Sisters Recreational Area.

Winter Hill from Bryn Gates Road/Three Sisters.
It's a distance of about ten miles as the crow flies and an area that I know pretty well but just like our National Parks during this crisis Winter Hill is closed to visitors.

Heading towards Three Sisters Recreational Area.
It was great to see the path has been resurfaced as the previous path was potholed and had seen better days. By now it's mid afternoon and the sun is beating down and Holly and Brad have stopped looking in the undergrowth for squirrels and are instead conserving their energy by walking behind dad.

Car Park, Three Sisters Recreational Area.
After about a mile I arrived at the Recreational Area by the Boating Lake and as you can see there isn't a car to be seen as there is only access to visitors by foot or by paw!

The Boating Lake, Three Sisters Recreational Area.

Holly and Brad stop for a paddle.
And maybe a quick drink.

Then it's back to the road.
Or Bridleway...

Now on the opposite side of Race Track Hill.
This side of Race Track Hill is wooded, naturally steep and along with a metal fence at the top prevents folk from watching the races free of charge on race days.

With about three miles to go under what felt like a scorching afternoon sun.

The view over Park House Farm (right) from the Railway Bridge on Bryn Gates Lane.
The white building seen in the very distance of the photo is the warehouse for the Heinz factory, the main production factory being a few miles north. Wigan isn't just popular for its pies we also produce and ship Heinz Baked Beans around the world which is a bit of pity because I don't like em!

Childhood memories always come flooding back when I see my old housing estate.
That's Bluebell Wood on the left, another childhood playground.

I never thought I'd say this but...
...I'm pleased to be in the shade now.

Passing over the brook by the wooden footbridge.

Passing through this arch of trees alongside the farmers field.
Should I continue ahead this footpath would bring me out onto my old housing estate but I've moved now and I've still a distance to go yet.

Bluebells are starting to bloom.

The Leeds and Liverpool canal.

When I was a kid all of this was my playground. It's now my training ground, my daily dog walking ground and now, the place where I go to escape for a while.


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